The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War: In December 2022, biology teacher and former Green Beret Dan Forester fails to get a job at a prestigious research center. While watching the World Cup, soldiers from the year 2051 arrive to warn that humanity is on the brink of extinction due to a war with alien invaders referred to as the “Whitespikes”.

In response, members of the world’s militaries are sent into the future via a device called the “Jumplink”, but fewer than 20% survive, prompting the introduction of an international draft. A year later, with no visible progress made, an anti-war movement forms and demands that the draft be abolished.

Dan receives a notice that he has been drafted and reports with other draftees to basic training. Dan deduces with fellow draftee Charlie that to prevent a paradox, those drafted have already died before the war starts. The draftees are sent forward in time to a battlefield on Miami Beach but few survive, having been dropped at the incorrect location above the city. The field commander, Col.

Forester, orders the draftees to rescue nearby lab personnel before the area is sterilized. The draftees discover the lab personnel are already dead but recover their research. Dan radios to command about the situation, but is told that no help will be sent to rescue the stranded troops. Nearly everyone dies, except for Charlie, Dan, and a soldier named Dorian.

The survivors wake up in a military encampment in the Dominican Republic. Dan reports to Col. Forester, who turns out to be his grown daughter Muri. She requests he accompany her on a mission to capture a female Whitespike, which are rarer than the males typically encountered. They trap and cage the female, only to have hundreds of males descend on their position.

As the helicopter with the female lifts off, Dan and Muri escape to a beach and radio for rescue. Muri reveals to Dan that, dissatisfied with his life after losing the job, he abandons his family and eventually dies in a car crash in 2030. Dan, Muri and the female Whitespike are transported to a fortified oil rig in the middle of the ocean, where the Jumplink is located.

Dan and Muri work on creating a toxin that can kill the Whitespikes and are successful. The Whitespikes attack and overrun the base to free the female, and Muri sacrifices herself to send Dan back to the past. Although he successfully returns to 2023 with the toxin, the Jumplink is destroyed.

With the link to the future destroyed, the world takes it as a sign that the future war is lost and descends into chaos with rioting and looting as people panic over the impending doom of humanity.

Brainstorming with his wife, Dan deduces that the Whitespikes did not arrive in 2048, but came much earlier. Consulting with Charlie, they theorize that the Whitespikes are already on Earth, and global warming caused them to thaw out and emerge from under the ice caps.

Dan leads a mission to Russia with Charlie, Dorian, a few surviving future soldiers, and his estranged father James to prove his theory.

At the Academy of Sciences Glacier on Komsomolets Island, the team finds a crashed alien ship inside the glacier. They debate telling the world about the problem, but decide to end the threat right then and there.

Once inside, they realize that the Whitespikes are not the aliens themselves, but rather bio-engineered organisms possibly used as a planet-clearing weapon or cattle by another alien race.

The team injects several of the dormant Whitespikes with the toxin; this kills the injected ones but wakes the others and most of the team is killed. Dorian, terminally ill with cancer and wanting to die on his own terms, stays behind to blow up the ship with C4.

Dan and his father hunt and kill the one female that had escaped, leaving them and Charlie as the only survivors of the team. Content with the knowledge that the war is averted and humanity is saved, Dan brings James home to meet his wife and grandchildren, determined not to make the same mistakes that Muri had warned him about from her future.

Duration: 18 Min
Budget:$ 0,00

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